Get Rid of
Hiccups Instantly!

Get Rid of
Hiccups Instantly!


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How Do You Get Rid Of Hiccups?

Are you tired of having the hiccups? Do you wish there was a device you could use for instant hiccup relief anytime, anywhere? Luckily for you, there is! You’ve come to the right place. HiccAway is exactly what you’re looking for. Simple, effective, and safe, HiccAway is the best way to get rid of hiccups. With just one sip, you’ll notice instant relief!

Wondering how to get rid of hiccups with HiccAway? Keep reading! The science behind Hiccaway is quite simple, just like our hiccups treatment product.

We wanted a hiccups treatment that avoided needing any medication or silly remedies, and we’ve provided just that! All you need to do is sip on some water through our product and your hiccups will be gone.

I suffer from deep hard hiccups. My husband has watched me suffer with these for 35 yrs. When he bought this for me I thought he was crazy until I used it. I never go anywhere with out one. I was amazed how quickly this worked. Trust me this is no joke.

I suffer from regular, strong hiccups – the kind that hurt your chest if you don’t sort them out after a few minutes. One sip of water through the HiccAway and they’re gone. I can’t wait to buy more so I have them stashed at home, work and at my holiday home.

This device really works! It was easy to use and 100% effective within minutes of trying it. I couldn’t be happier that I bought it since hiccups are such a nuisance and incredibly uncomfortable. Get one today! You won’t be sorry!! PS- Great customer service too!

Instant Hiccup Relief

For instant hiccup relief, be sure to check out our shop. HiccAway is a safe, effective, and a reliable way to get rid of hiccups. This hiccups treatment was developed by neuroscientist Dr. Ali Seifi and has proven results. We hope to provide you with a more comfortable lifestyle free of unwanted hiccups!

The Science
Behind it

HiccAway instantly relieves hiccups by generating enough pressure while sipping from the device to lower the diaphragm while simultaneously activating the leaf-shaped flap in the throat (The Epiglottis).

Doing this stimulates two key nerves (The Phrenic & Vagus Nerves) responsible for the hiccups, allowing the brain to reset and stop the hiccups. Sounds complicated but HiccAway will do all the work, all you need to do is sip some water & witness instant hiccup relief! The creator of HiccAway has already figured out all of the details, you just have to use this groundbreaking hiccup treatment to understand that it doesn’t matter how it works, just that it works.

Your Questions, Answered!

Have any questions about HiccAway, the hiccups treatment proven to be effective in stopping the hiccups? We have the answers that you need! If you have any questions that you don’t see answered on this list, feel free to contact HiccAway at any time. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible so you can be on your way to hiccup relief. We look forward to helping you!

HiccAway is a safe hiccups cure for people of all ages and is made from plastics that are free from BPA, BPS, BPF, and BP-whatevers. Small children will not benefit from the device unless they already know how to drink from a straw. Patients with cancer, diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases, or neurological disorders, those who are undergoing chemotherapy or recovering from surgery, and alcohol drinkers are particularly prone to suffering from the hiccups and will find HiccAway an especially useful tool.

To stop hiccups with this tool, follow these 3 easy steps!

Step 1: Put the cap on the desired setting, either CHILD or ADULT. Note, the tab on the cap should be facing the setting you choose. 

Step 2: Place the HiccAway into a glass of water. Note, the cup of water should be shallow, less than half full. If the length of the device is significantly submerged, it will lower the power of suction.  

Step 3: Forcibly sip from the mouthpiece and immediately swallow, in one breath. Repeat 2-3 cycles without stopping. 

Note, sip from the tube immediately after placing it in, you do not want the HiccAway to fill with water before drinking, as this will reduce the effectiveness.

Watch Instructional Video

HiccAway is a singulstat device (singultus = hiccups), that lowers the diaphragm while opening first, and then closing the epiglottis (the leaf-shaped flap in the throat that keeps food out of the windpipe). Doing so stimulates the Phrenic and Vagus nerves simultaneously, allowing the brain to reset and stop the hiccups.

HiccAway is the best way to get rid of hiccups and it’s about as American as apple pie. It was invented in the USA, it has been designed in the USA, and manufatured in the USA as well. When you need to trust a product in the mouth of your child or loved one, it helps to know exactly where it comes from.

If you find yourself wondering how to get rid of hiccups and want to give our treatment a go, HiccAway is available via Amazon and in the United States. In Europe, we have additional online distributors (see Retailers). HiccAway is available in the pharmacy of H-E-B (Texas locations) as of January 2021. Additional retailers coming soon!

Dr. Seifi works with patients recovering from neurological injuries on a regular basis. They often suffer from hiccups during their recovery as a result of injury to the brain. Dr. Seifi actively worked for a solution, and after years of trying to simplify a method to stimulate the Phrenic and Vagus nerve simultaneously, he devised what we now know as HiccAway to help those suffering get rid of hiccups.

HiccAway hiccups treatment is currently patent pending. The University of Texas filed for a provisional patent on 1/18/2018, and a Continuation in Part (CIP) was filed 2/26/2020.