How Do You Get Rid of Hiccups? With HiccAway's Hiccups Cure Device

Are you asking yourself how do you get rid of hiccups? Learn how to use HiccAway's drug-free, easy-to-use hiccup curing device below. We look forward to helping you get rid of your hiccups!


Put the cap on the desired setting, either CHILD or ADULT.

Note that the tab on the cap should be facing the setting you choose.


Place the HiccAway into a glass of water.

Note that the cup of water should be shallow, less than half full. If the length of the device is significantly submerged, it will lower the power of suction.


Forcibly sip for 3 seconds from the mouthpiece and immediately swallow, in one breath.

Repeat 2-3 cycles without stopping.

At this point the hiccups should be gone, but repeat up to 2 additional times if needed.

More Questions About How to Use It?

If you have any more questions or are still wondering how do you get rid of hiccups using HiccAway, take a look at our FAQ page. There you’ll find some of the answers to the most asked questions about HiccAway. You can also feel free to contact our team any time -- we will answer your inquiry as quickly as possible. We look forward to helping you get rid of your hiccups drug free while avoiding old wives tales that don’t work!