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Forced Inspiratory Suction and Swallow Tool to Stop Hiccups

Introducing the Forced Inspiratory Suction and Swallow Tool (FISST)

We are introducing the Forced Inspiratory Suction and Swallow Tool (FISST), a feasible technique in stopping hiccups. The device has demonstrated high success in terminating hiccups. In summary, to stop hiccups, you need to forcefully suction the water through a straw that requires a high amount of negative pressure. This high negative pressure can be induced by a valve or a resistance within the straw. This forceful suction requires maximum contraction of the diaphragm muscle by activating the phrenic nerve, which is coming from high cervical vertebrae C3 to C5. After the suction, you should immediately swallow the water. Swallowing requires a complex function of several muscles in the pharynx and larynx, specifically the closure of the epiglottis, to avoid the entrance of water into the trachea. The epiglottis closure is through the vagus nerve activation, which is part of the hiccups cycle.

Ultimately, FISST simultaneously activates the two main nerves that are responsible for hiccups. This concurrency stops the vicious cycle between these two nerves. Although most of the physical maneuvers of other remedies stimulate one of these two nerves and muscles, FISST accomplishes both in unison. Prior efforts have attempted either phrenic or vagal nerve stimulation with varying levels of success. FISST has gained more than 90% success in stopping hiccups based on several hundred consumer results, and we hope this new invention brings hope and relief, especially for patients with chronic hiccups such as cancer patients.

How To Use the Forced Inspiratory Suction and Swallow Tool

  1. Put the cap on the desired setting, either CHILD or ADULT. Note that the tab on the cap should be facing the setting you choose.
  2. Place the HiccAway into a glass of water. Note that the cup of water should be shallow, less than half full. If the length of the device is significantly submerged, it will lower the power of suction.
  3. Forcibly sip from the mouthpieces and immediately swallow, in one breath. Repeat 2-3 cycles without stopping.

Pathological Hiccups and How You Can Find Relief With HiccAway

Although hiccups are physiological reactions, when they become persistent, it is probably pathological, or medication-induced. Digestive system disorders are the most common etiologies of intractable hiccups, such as Acid reflux diseases and gastric distension. Another common pathological etiology of hiccups is cancer and chemotherapy, specifically esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, and brain tumors. Other causes of pathological hiccups are brain diseases and disorders such as strokes, brain cancers, brain tumors, and aneurysms. Lastly, pathological hiccups could be one of the only symptoms of a heart attack.

As mentioned, chronic hiccups could be due to the side effects of the medications used to treat a medical condition. Steroids are some of the most common medications that induce hiccups followed by prescribed sedatives.

Many physicians prescribe additional medication to stop the hiccups since the hiccups can be painful and are typically ongoing. However, the medications offered have unpleasant side effects that most patients don’t want to deal with.

If you suffer from pathological hiccups and prefer an organic treatment instead of a medication, HiccAway would be the best solution for you.

HiccAway is a scientific tool based on hiccups’ physiology using the forced inspiratory suction and swallowing maneuver to stop hiccups. HiccAway activates the diaphragm muscle and epiglottis by opposing a negative inspiratory force. HiccAway has shown more than 90% effectiveness compared to other remedies for hiccups and is a highly effective alternative solution. In patients with prolonged hiccups who required medications, HiccAway had more than 70% success compared to the medication used. For cancer patients who had hiccups as a result of their type of cancer or their chemotherapy treatment, HiccAway had 90% effectiveness.

Considering the complexity of chronic hiccups and pathological hiccups, patients may need to use the HiccAway multiple times a day, essentially whenever their hiccups return. However, sipping water through an easy-to-use tool to find hiccup relief is a much better alternative than suffering from hiccups or medicating with harsh substances. If you’re wondering how to stop hiccups, HiccAway’s FISST is the clear choice.

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If you’re searching for how to stop hiccups easily, effectively, and without the use of drugs, HiccAway is the solution for you. You don’t have to suffer through the discomfort of hiccups any longer — now, you can be rid of your hiccups quickly and without having to resort to any old wives tales.

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