Meet Dorthy, a 94-year-old hiccup enthusiast from Texas!

Dr. Ali Seifi, a renowned neuro intensivist physician at the University of Texas, had always been fascinated by the human body’s quirks and oddities. When “Dorothy Wiede,” 94 years old from San Antonio, Texas, who claimed to have a foolproof technique for curing hiccups, reached out, he couldn’t resist the opportunity to investigate. Moreover, she was fascinated by hearing about HiccAway on the news and asked Dr. Seifi to explain it to her.

He reached out to Dorothy and arranged a meeting to learn more about her technique. As he arrived at her beautiful modest house, he was struck by how unassuming it looked. Nevertheless, he was determined to keep an open mind.

Dorthy, who is a retired nurse and a Texas local,  now lives with her daughter Sylvia in a beautiful neighborhood, greeted Dr. Seifi warmly and invited him inside. Dorthy shared with Dr. Seifi her struggles explaining, to her colleagues, the importance of studying hiccups and how to help stop them. For over 50 years, Dorthy felt ignored and put out by the doctors she spoke with. 

Finally, a doctor who will listen and takes the topic of hiccups seriously is here with a solution similar to hers. She was so grateful that, finally, HiccAway as a scientific solution is available to people who are annoyed by hiccups.

She explained that her technique involved holding up the chin and tilting the head back. She had been using this approach for years to help friends and family members eliminate their hiccups. 

Dorthy’s fascination with hiccups and her innovative method aligned with Dr. Seifi and he was pleasantly surprised by such a remarkable woman. 

By Robert Muller


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