Myths About Hiccups

It is safe to say that everyone has experienced hiccups at one point or another in their life. They are caused by spasms in the diaphragm and, while uncomfortable, they are very rarely life-threatening. Most of us simply want to find a way to stop hiccups when they happen, but some myths, including those below, make this a bit difficult.

They Are Caused By Someone Speaking Negatively About You

This first myth has many different variations around the world, but it often boils down to hiccups occurring when you are the topic of a negative discussion. This is simply not true. If that were the case, there would be a lot more instances of hiccups, and there are people who would never stop having them as well. This myth may have been started to keep people from taking part in negative gossip or soothe one afflicted with hiccups, but whatever the case, it is not true.

You can Stop Hiccups by Being Scared or Holding Your Breath

This is another group of myths involving hiccups and their solution. None of these common home solutions work for hiccups, from holding your breath and having someone scare you to drinking water and placing a finger on your forehead. Over time, these solutions were all found not to help, only seeming to work when the hiccups eventually stop on their own by the time you are working on a solution.

You Get Hiccups When Someone Thinks of You

Like the first myth, this one goes that whenever you are on someone’s mind, you will get a case of hiccups. Some people believe to stop hiccups, you must call out the name of the person thinking about you, and they will vanish. Like the other myths, this one also lacks a way of proving it, and by the time you have called out a few people’s names, your hiccups will have reached the end of their cycle anyway.

Some People Never Get Hiccups

While it may be tempting to think that hiccups are a kind of condition and some people are immune or don’t suffer from it, this is also not true. As mentioned, hiccups are spasms of the diaphragm caused by a physical agent, including drinking alcohol or eating spicy foods, to name a few. Everyone has had hiccups at some point in time – even fetuses in the womb have been recorded getting hiccups.

Each Time You Hiccup, Your Heart Skips a Beat

An irregular heartbeat is very dangerous, and while there are several possible causes, hiccups are not one of them. Your heartbeat and hiccups share no relation at all. Some studies have shown a minor fluctuation in heartbeat rhythm when people hiccup, but this disturbance is extremely negligible and comes nowhere close to stopping your heart.

You Can Stop Hiccups by Tickling The Roof 

This is another solution that most well-meaning people swear by. They say that by tickling the roof of your mouth using something like a q-tip, you will stop hiccups. Some scientists have concluded that this trick may distract the mind from focusing on the hiccups, which often seems to worsen them. The tickling sensation may override the irritation that caused the hiccups initially, but all of this is just speculation. Similar activities involve dissolving a spoonful of sugar on your tongue and sticking your fingers in your ears.

While there seems to be a hiccup myth and solution for every culture worldwide, most of them have been disproved. It has also been difficult to study hiccups effectively because they occur randomly, often disappearing as fast as they began.

They are, however, very uncomfortable to experience for most people, and it is for this reason that people are always looking for a way to stop hiccups effectively. The good news is that now, you can stop them the next time they start using our solution. Check it out, and you can give your friends and family some relief the next time they experience hiccups.

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