Two easy-to-use HiccAway devices that is proven to instantly stops the hiccups – one for the home and one for on the go!
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I expected a gimmick, but it actually works for me

5.0 rating
January 16, 2021

I have a bunch of scar tissue and nerve damage in my diaphragm, from a gunshot wound back in ’02. Hiccups are usually quite painful, when they happen to me. I got this fully expecting it to be a useless gimmick, honestly. However, it’s actually worked for me, about half a dozen times so far. Sometimes it takes a whole glass of water, sometimes one sip, but *it works* for me.

Jess w.

Amazing!!! Almost like magic

5.0 rating
January 11, 2021

Seriously I was the MOST skeptical about this product but I get hiccups so bad it literally is hard to breath and my whole body hurts. So when I saw an ad on Facebook my mentality was ….”well it can’t hurt” let me tell you it did the opposite!!! It works every time all the time. Between my daughter and I one sip and our hiccups are gone I’ve bought extras I have one in the house and one in the car this product is absolutely a game changer!!


Works everytime!

5.0 rating
January 10, 2021

My whole family uses Hiccaway and it has never failed to stop hiccups right away. It’s so simple to use also.

Brian Powell


5.0 rating
January 9, 2021

I have hiccups all the time and this has been life changing

zein alrafati

Relief everytime

5.0 rating
January 9, 2021

My family has been using hiccaway since the launch. We’re was this all these years. It cures the hiccups for adults and kids everytime within seconds.



5.0 rating
January 9, 2021



Best device ever

5.0 rating
January 9, 2021

Both my twins suffer from frequent hiccups. They are 5 years older now. They absolutely LOVE this fast easy device that works 100% of the time. It’s amazing. I highly recommend it for kids and adults alike.

Patricia Squires

I don't have enough words of thanks

5.0 rating
January 8, 2021

My wife frequently suffers from hiccups and we had tried every imaginable remedy found on the internet and youtube with no result. When we supported the kickstarter campaign, my wife had no expectations so as not to be disappointed. But when she received the Hiccaway and used it for the first time, tears of joy came to her eyes as she saw that it worked perfectly. Afterwards, more of our relatives (both adults and children) tried it out and were pleasantly surprised. Hiccaway works.

Luis Ortega (Spain)

Tried everything out there and THIS works!

5.0 rating
August 17, 2020

Got my HiccAway the other week. Today my wife’s hiccups started. Once they start for her they go ALL day and hurt. Always have. She’s tried everything. Today she tried HiccAway and I’m SO glad I backed the Kickstarter. The Hiccups were gone in, literally, 30 seconds. Awesome product!”

Kyle Thoren

Keeping one with me at all times!

5.0 rating
August 11, 2020

So I’m a huge skeptic (most stuff on Kickstarter is bullshit but the idea is fun) but this thing WORKS. If I eat any type of really spicy food (ghost pepper), I’ll have horrible hiccups for 3-4 hours. So while I like spicy food, that misery negates any enjoyment. I’ve tried all remedies and nothing really works consistently outside the paper bag method… but not really elegant. So I can only eat spicy food at home with the idea that I’ll probably ruin my night unless I have a paper bag nearby (and I’m by myself). I decided to guinea pig myself and test this device. I can said I repeated this about three times so not scientific but outcome was consistently the same. Hiccups were terrible and then deceased instantly at intake. If I stopped earlier than 30 seconds, my hiccups immediately resumed…. but repeatedly, 30 seconds or more at slow for intake immediately ceased hiccups and forced them not to resume as long as I had slow intake for that duration. So it works! I will always keep one nearby now for any I want to eat something spicy.


Never, ever works

1.0 rating
March 19, 2021

This never works for me- ever. I’m autistic and the hiccups are extremely distressing, hence buying this product. Every single time I get them, I reach for this device hoping this time will work and it never does. I end up consuming so much water while trying to get it to work that I vomit water. I wish I had the same results as others seem to have, but no such luck. If you buy this, be realistic and know that it may not work.


it works!

5.0 rating
March 14, 2021

bought first time on amazon, coming back for a two pack with the wire Brush
its not a one sip and they are gone for me, but when I drank about half a cup of water through the hiccaway that did the trick. it was such a strange sensation, not the gradual fading away of hiccups but just a boom- done.


Doesn't Work

1.0 rating
February 15, 2021

Read the instructions, watched the video, still no relief

Samantha Wilson

Works as advertised!!!

5.0 rating
January 25, 2021

This device works exactly as advertised – instantly stopping hiccups. It is easy to use, and really works – I give it the highest rating available.

Cone Wells

I love it!

5.0 rating
January 16, 2021

It‘s simple to use and for me it works fine – I have very annoying hiccups sometimes and it‘s a relief to just soak some water with the straw and it‘s gone. I love the idea and the realisation of the product! Really good job!


It works most of the time!

5.0 rating
January 16, 2021

It works most of the time! My hiccups are driven by acid reflux. I did not think it could help, but more often than not, it cures the hiccups within a minute.



5.0 rating
January 14, 2021

I purchased for my husband and his hiccups. He get them frequently and they hurt when he does. He was doubtful at first but he became a believer, real quick. One of the best purchases I have made for him.

Marcella Burkeen

Hicc Away did not work

1.0 rating
January 13, 2021

As much as I wanted this to take my father’s hiccups away, it did not work. I received the product on his 90th birthday. It was used at his birthday party; it worked for 20 seconds then the hiccups returned. I keep using the product, but it does not work for my father who has had hiccups since 2018.

Linda Votapka

the tool

4.0 rating
January 10, 2021

I get hiccups a lot after I eat if its a big meal for some odd reason sometimes they don’t bother me but if they do I use it. I have it in my work lunch box because in the past I have had hiccups once in a while at work and to talk to a customer is hard this has helped I would recommend it to a friend


It really works

5.0 rating
January 9, 2021

I have had hiccups all my life at least 2 times per week. They are deep hard hiccups. My husband bought this for me. At first I thought , yeah right. If holding my breath, taking small sips of water, exhaling slowly, etc, doesn’t work what is this thing going to do. Well I was glad it came with 2. I have one in my purse and one in a very handy place at home. Within seconds hiccups are GONE!!!!. This really works. I have had this for several months and recommend this to anyone with hiccup problems.

Leslie Penick

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