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5.0 rating
July 30, 2021

Mi papá llevaba 40 años sufriendo de hipo constante, le duraba días incluso semanas. En México todos los doctores le habían dicho que no tenía remedio, por casualidad encontré este producto y habiendo probado de todo, pensamos ¿qué daño podría hacer probar algo más? Desde el día que llegó el producto, hace dos semanas, no ha vuelto a tener hipo. Lo usa cuando empieza a sentir hipo y de forma milagrosa, se le quita. Estamos asombrados y agradecidos, el hipo había trastocado su vida social y su salud, aún no podemos creer que algo tan pequeño le esté ayudando a controlar un problema tan grande. Si estás en México, ten por seguro que vas a adquirir un producto único y con el que encontraras alivio a un problema tan severo como el de mi papá. Después de haber probado tantas cosas, medicamentos caros y hasta remedios caseros, te puedo asegurar que este producto es lo mejor que encontrarás.

Ruth Roque


5.0 rating
July 26, 2021

The first time I used this, it didn’t work because I did it wrong.
I used it a second time and it worked amazingly!
Here’s what I did…
1st GLASS – 6oz water, start pulling and don’t stop until glass is empty. *I even hiccuped during this glass.
2nd GLASS – pull until glass is empty. *I felt my diaphragm relaxing.
3rd GLASS – pull until empty and if hiccups aren’t gone, keep going but increase the amount of water.
PULL HARD AND LONG, it’s how you reset the area of your brain that triggers the spasms.

Tommy Thomsen


1.0 rating
July 26, 2021

This product is a 5 Star in my opinion. I gave the 1 Star to get your attention.
I tried it the first time and I didn’t suck enough water, I didn’t do it long enough.
Lately I’ve been sick with a cold and coughing a lot. For the first time ever, coughing triggered my diaphragm spasms aka hiccups. I gave it another try and this time I pulled until there was no more water left 3 times. I even hiccuped during the first class but kept going. I felt the tension in my diaphragm subsiding when I started the second glass of water so kept going into the third. I’m typing this an hour since and haven’t hiccuped once.
Pull at least 6 oz of water per glass and once you start pulling, don’t stop until the glass is empty. Go right to the next glass and repeat. Three glasses did it for me.


I don't understand the technique. The printed instructions are insufficient.

1.0 rating
July 22, 2021

This isn’t working for me, and the videos are not helpful since they tend to show a person with the Hiccoway in their mouth but nothing about technique or if the water level in the glass lowers. However, in one video it does show a young boy drinking from a clear glass and the water level dos not lower so he isn’t swallowing water, presumably. So, my Questions are: (1) I suck (air only?) and swallow 3 times. Am I ever supposed to actually suck water into my mouth? (2) If so, do I swallow it? (3) Do I breathe during this process? (4) Can I talk to an actual person and have a discussion?


Response from Hiccaway | Instant Hiccup Relief, Guaranteed!

Hi Jim, thank you for reaching out, we would love to walk you through more clear instructions. Dr. Seifi will personally reach out to assist you. But short answer is, you definitely need to be drinking the water through the HiccAway device and swallowing as you would any beverage.
We will be in touch. Thanks

Hiccup review

5.0 rating
July 21, 2021

This cured my hiccups

Mark Tenner

Worked right away!

4.0 rating
July 21, 2021

So glad that I bought this! I saw it through an Instagram ad of all things and it’s probably the only thing useful that I’ve purchased after seeing on Instagram.
Since I was a kid I’ve always gotten the hiccups pretty frequently. I had the chance to try it out today and it cured my hiccups after just a few sips through the straw. So happy to have a solution that works!


Absolutely changed my life!

5.0 rating
July 20, 2021

I’ve had hiccups for nearly 8 years. At the very least once every 10 minutes to every couple of seconds. My doctor never gave it any concern and I had to beg a colleague of hers to put it down on my chart. Years and years past and I just expected that my hiccups would last forever. My husband ended up finding hiccaway through an article on his phone and we ordered it right away. Because hey, if it didn’t work it’s not too expensive, right? The package came when I was home alone and I used it. I stared up at the clock for three hours, counting the minutes and crying of happiness. No hiccups! I only have to use it once or twice a day now. I’ve maybe hiccuped 5 times since I got it and it goes away right after. I know that there is still something wrong that makes my body want to hiccup, but with Hiccaway I get relief from the worst part of it. I feel like a major weight has been lifted.

Jaime Price

Cancer Chemo Treatment

5.0 rating
July 14, 2021

Started a 3 day chemo treatment with a pump that will last for 16 weeks. On the second day, hiccups would start and last ALL day. Very uncomfortable, chest was hurting from the spasms. Tried all traditional treatments, and none worked. Saw hiccaway on TV news show and thought I’d give it a try. Works as described, finally some relief. I will be recommending this to my doctors.

Ted Litke

Works! Also needs a case!

5.0 rating
July 14, 2021

I have already written a glowing review about this product! It works incredibly well! They really really need to make a case for it! I love it so much I always have it on the go. I would love for a small case so the straw doesn’t get dirty at the bottom of my purse. So please add a case!

Sierra Pisenti

This really works!

5.0 rating
July 3, 2021

I’ve frequently gotten hiccups since I was a kid (I’m now 75), and this little device is fast, easy, and effective. Thanks!

Elizabeth Costello

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