Need to See It to Believe It?

Watch How HiccAway Stops Hiccups in Seconds!

"After trying the usual home remedies after hours of hiccups, I stumbled across this and it works. It worked the very first time. I will take this with me everywhere I go. Great invention."

Pamela H

Why HiccAway?


HiccAway is a safe, natural alternative to existing hiccup treatments and is made with BPA-Free plastic.

Made in USA

HiccAway was designed and is proudly made in the USA.


Clinically proven to stop hiccups with a 92% success rate.

For All Ages

Anyone that can sip from a straw can benefit from hiccup relief with HiccAway.

How to Use It

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

Attach the cap to either CHILD (up to 20kg) or ADULT. The cap's tab should face the setting you choose.

Place HiccAway in a shallow glass of water.

Sip forcefully from the mouthpiece, swallow immediately, and repeat 2-3 times without pause. Avoid allowing the unit to fill with water before drinking.

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