How To Get Rid Of Infant Hiccups

How To Get Rid Of Infant Hiccups

Infant Hiccups

Hello, fellow parents! If you’ve ever been puzzled by the sudden chorus of hiccups from your little bundle of joy, you’re not alone.

Hiccups in infants can be as perplexing as they are adorable. But fear not! I’m here to share some tried-and-tested tricks to gently ease those tiny hiccups away. So, grab a cup of your favorite beverage, and let’s dive into the world of baby hiccups!

What Causes Infant Hiccups?

Before we tackle the solutions, let’s understand the why. Hiccups in infants are usually the result of a diaphragm spasm, often triggered by feeding or swallowing air. They’re a normal part of baby development, so while they might seem concerning, they’re usually harmless.

Simple Soothers for Infant Hiccups

Burping is Key: Often, a good burp can do the trick. Burping helps release the air that might be trapped in your baby’s stomach, reducing hiccup frequency.

Gentle Rocking: Sometimes, all your baby needs is a gentle rocking motion. This can be soothing and may help relax their diaphragm.

Pacifier Power: Offering a pacifier can sometimes stop hiccups. The sucking motion can help relax the diaphragm muscles.

Change Feeding Positions: Sometimes, just changing the way you’re holding your baby during feedings can reduce hiccups.

Stay Calm: Remember, if you’re calm, your baby is more likely to be calm. Your reassurance is a powerful tool in soothing those hiccups.

Now, let’s talk about an innovative solution, the Hiccaway Straw. This nifty little tool is scientifically designed to stop hiccups in their tracks. It works by creating enough pressure when your baby drinks from it, helping reset their diaphragm. It’s a safe, quick, and effective way to handle hiccups, approved by pediatricians.


Dealing with infant hiccups is all about patience and trying different soothing techniques. Remember, each baby is unique, so what works for one might not work for another. And when in doubt, the Hiccaway Straw can be a handy gadget in your parenting toolkit. Here’s to happy, hiccup-free days with your little one!

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