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Can only expect so much from this device

Rated 4 out of 5
November 15, 2022

I have severe hiccups from an Hiatal Hernia which causes your stomach/esophagus to protrude through your diaphragm. Producing hiccups that can last for a day/s until you go to sleep. This does cause severe acid reflux from the hiccups pushing the acid back up through your throat. My point is I tried this device with water and it doesn’t work. However I tried using soda or a carbonated drink and if done correctly using the hiccaway I can get my hiccups to secede. So i wanted to bring this to the inventor attention because I know they aren’t aware and can advice people to try this method instead of using water. Thanks for your help……

B. Young

Response from Hiccaway | Instant Hiccup Relief, Guaranteed!

Thank you B. Young for your comment and suggestion. We’re sorry to hear about your ongoing medical conditions and hope you find some relief from your ailments.

We appreciate you stopping by to let us and our customers know you have found using carbonated drinks may help the efficiency of HiccAway. We will definitely look into your idea and see if we find any conclusive data.

We truly appreciate your support and thank you again for the suggestion!

Very inconsistent, doesn't cure hiccups

Rated 2 out of 5
October 27, 2022

I recently gotten a very severe case of the hiccups.. Desperate I found this in a medical article and decided to get it and try it.

It worked for a bit, but then the Hiccups came back. This is very inconsistent and it actually doesn’t get rid of the hiccups as advertised.. now I’m still suffering from these hiccups 2 days now..

Henry Gonzalez

Response from Hiccaway | Instant Hiccup Relief, Guaranteed!

For the hiccups that persist for more than two days, our physician suggests that you should see a doctor to make sure that you don’t have any underlying trigger of hiccups such as acid reflux disease. Specifically, because you mentioned HiccAway worked first, and then your hiccups returned again. I hope it helps.


Rated 5 out of 5
September 19, 2022

I woke up this morning with really bad hiccups. It took me 3 seconds with the Hiccaway to get rid of them!


Response from Hiccaway | Instant Hiccup Relief, Guaranteed!

That’s wonderful to hear Laura. We are so glad you were able to find relief so quickly with HiccAway. Thanks for the review!

It worked 09/16/2022

Rated 5 out of 5
September 17, 2022

This product is amazing because when I was coming back from Tavern West today, my dad had the hiccups so we use the hickawary and it really worked and three sips it was gone so I can recommend this to anyone


Response from Hiccaway | Instant Hiccup Relief, Guaranteed!

Hey Logan, Thanks for the review! We are thrilled the HiccAway worked for your dad! The HiccAway is dishwasher safe and can be used over and over with proper care. Thanks again for the review and letting us know you were happy with HiccAway.


Rated 5 out of 5
August 11, 2022

This is the first review I have ever left on any product. I was skeptical when I first tried it but it works SO fast and has worked every single time I’ve gotten the hiccups. Can’t recommend it enough. I love it. It has saved me from the annoyance of hiccups too many times to count.


Response from Hiccaway | Instant Hiccup Relief, Guaranteed!

Thank you for the kind words and excellent review. We are so happy to be the subject of your very first review! Thank you for the recommendation! Great customers like you are spreading the word on how HiccAway can help, and we love it. Thank you again for your love and support!

My dad

Rated 5 out of 5
July 29, 2022

My dad started suffering with hiccups and belching after every meal about a year ago. It was so severe he would tell me it hurts his chest and last for hours. He went to his dr who told him to change his diet, and gave him a prescription. The prescription helped a little but never enough. I saw Hiccaway on Shark tank and purchased it. I gave him Hiccaway told him it couldn’t hurt to try it. Like clockwork he started with hiccups and belching episodes after dinner so he pulled out Hiccaway and used it right away. He called me in amazement, said he tried Hiccaway and it stopped his hiccups and belching right away. THe excitement and amazement in his voice was apparent. He just repeating Wow I can’t believe that worked over and over again. My dad gained back his ability to attend dinners again as well as social functions without being embarrassed! Hiccaway is life changing for my 72 year old father. Thank you for making this product!

Barbara Deason

This works Excellent!!!!!

Rated 5 out of 5
July 4, 2022

I would recommend this product to anyone!!!! I have had hiccups for years and this product gets rid of hiccups quit!!!!! I love this product!!!! Thank You for inventing this!!!!!! God Bless You

James E King Jr

Hiccaway really works

Rated 5 out of 5
June 19, 2022

This product really works. My husband had hiccups for 4 days. We called the doctor and got a prescription to make hiccups go away. We saw this product Hiccaway on Shark Tank and decided to order the product. It really works. Hiccups go away right away. So glad we bought it.

Kay Marashi

Yes! It works

Rated 5 out of 5
June 12, 2022

I was waiting to leave a review until I got the thing to work. I get hiccups all the time from beer, soda, cigarettes and spicy food. When I get them I will get them back all day every time I eat or drink anything. I bought this because of shark tank. I used it 3 times before I figured it out. I could tell the first time that there was something to this thing but it still didn’t work for me. I tried it last night and it worked. First try. What I would tell you is to suck real hard the first breathe to fill the straw immediately and keep doing it in one continuous pull. I would definitely recommend this for people who get the hiccups bad.

Awesome dude


Rated 5 out of 5
May 23, 2022

i was a little confused but it worked!

Valentina P

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