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Amazing! All health care facilities should have this!

5.0 rating
April 25, 2021

This product is amazing! I had a patient with intractable hiccups and I tried many medications but finally hiccaway did the trick!
This product is a very simple, non invasive product that cures hiccups without the use of medications, which can often have side effects!

Dr. B

Life changing device

5.0 rating
April 17, 2021

This was an incredible device that surprisingly fixed mu frequent hiccup. I highly recommend this for ever house household and health care facilities.



5.0 rating
April 15, 2021

This is a simple miracle I get hiccups sometimes that lasts for hours, not anymore! This thing works immediately, a few sips works for me. Whoever invented this, thank you!

Corey Budd


5.0 rating
April 11, 2021

This simple device is a miracle. Pour a full glass of water and drink through the straw forcefully and without taking breaths. Works every time.
Might seem a little pricey but, for no hiccups, it’s worth every dime.

Ian Forbes

It works and worth it

5.0 rating
April 10, 2021

This is a miracle. Our daughter gets chronic hiccups and this product cures them EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. There was one time we had to try multiple times but they stopped. It has also helped with other family members.



5.0 rating
April 8, 2021

I have had hiccups literally since I was in the womb. For years now, my hiccups have been loud, aggressive, overwhelming, and at times painful when I have them. I used to have a method for relief, but it stopped working for me for some reason. But this is a life saver! I can’t imagine not having this neat device. 9/10 I use it with water, but one time I had no access and just sucked on the straw dry, and my hiccups went away! This may have been a fluke, but it sorta could make sense I think? Regardless, using this straw as directed is a game changer and I highly recommend it to anyone that suffers from hiccups regularly.


Better than medication.

5.0 rating
March 23, 2021

My father had surgery and hiccups that would not go away even after medication this totally worked! He uses it all the time when hiccups return – common with abdominal surgery.

Steph P

Never, ever works

1.0 rating
March 19, 2021

This never works for me- ever. I’m autistic and the hiccups are extremely distressing, hence buying this product. Every single time I get them, I reach for this device hoping this time will work and it never does. I end up consuming so much water while trying to get it to work that I vomit water. I wish I had the same results as others seem to have, but no such luck. If you buy this, be realistic and know that it may not work.


it works!

5.0 rating
March 14, 2021

bought first time on amazon, coming back for a two pack with the wire Brush
its not a one sip and they are gone for me, but when I drank about half a cup of water through the hiccaway that did the trick. it was such a strange sensation, not the gradual fading away of hiccups but just a boom- done.


Doesn't Work

1.0 rating
February 15, 2021

Read the instructions, watched the video, still no relief

Samantha Wilson

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